With Barenaked Ladies melodies and Blue Rodeo harmonies intertwined with Neil Young Canadiana, Farewell Stanleys craft songs that make the soul want to sing along to with one arm around a lifelong friend, and the other holding a scotch. Fusing the songwriting and voices of lifelong friends Jeremy Montag and Mark Milanovic, The Stanleys’ music respects the musical traditions of the past, while also having a fresh, folk-rock sound with a post-generation X originality. Inspired by the songwriting teams of Lennon-McCartney, Henley-Frey, and John-Taupin, their songs exhibit the power of human connection and good ol’ collaborative songwriting. 

With their debut album "Good Company” in 2016, the Stanleys wrote a collection of songs that pulled and pried at one another and left you in a distant place from when you first pushed play. Their sophomore album "New Love” up’d the ante with stronger hooks and harmonies and further showcased the lyrical and melodic depth of Montag and Milanovic’s songwriting. For their third album “The Bottom Floor,” they’ve recorded an album that now ups the tempo and shows off their Canadiana roots-rock swagger with Montag and Milanovic harmonizing together on practically every lyric, and loving every minute of it. Be sure to head on out and have “A Night with the Stanleys" whenever you can to sing, laugh, dance, exchange tales, and shake out a long work-week...with a scotch...or strong drink in hand.